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The summit from 28 September - 1 October is going to be jam packed with practical trainings to help you discover your path to English fluency

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Not to mention ongoing access to the summit presentations so you can revisit them whenever you need to and implement the strategies on your time! 


Early and Ongoing Presentation Access
Instead of waiting for the daily presentations to be released each day of the summit, get access to all 25 presentations on 25th September. You’ll also have ongoing access to the content to watch at your own pace and revisit whenever you want! 

Replay of Learn English Together 2022

Get all the 21 presentations from last year for free, included with your All Access Pass. 

Get all of these premium bonuses to help you get fluent in English with ease!

  • Asynchronous Pronunciation Course for only €49 from Jennie Reed, usually 297 euros
    • Gain clarity on English Pronunciation, so you can be confident your pronunciation is supporting you in your goals to communicate clearly in English. Focus on Vowel Sounds, Fast Speech, Word Stress, Sentence Stress and Connected Speech.

  • Become a Founding Member of Unlock your Business English membership program with Chris Bates (usually 30 euros)
    • Get access for 3 months and help build the new community! Members get weekly video classes on different business English topics, and access to a community page with coaching tips, additional resources, pop-up sessions, Q&A's, quizzes and more.

  • Language Learning Boost: Discount voucher for 5 lessons from Jana Grezova, usually 150 euros
    • 30% discount voucher for a package of 5 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions, where you'll receive personalized guidance, tailored strategies, and expert support to enhance your language skills. Accelerate your progress, overcome challenges, and achieve fluency with individualized guidance from a professional language coach. The voucher is transferable, printable and cute - perfect for gifting as a present!

  • Question Creators game from Vickie Kelty, regular price 17 euros
    • Question Creators is a fun dice game that helps you become more comfortable at asking questions for any conversation in life. You'll get a useful gameplay reference guide, personalized feedback, and exciting bonus challenges to practice with, all to support you feeling more comfortable asking questions in all the conversations you encounter.
  • A bundle of whiteboard videos explaining use of various tenses in English by Renata Kucharska
    • If Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses are your worst nightmare, the whiteboard videos will help you understand and tame the beasts! 

  • Guide to story based learning with a language exchange partner by Philip Garden
    • Pdf download with strategies and tips to help you activate your speaking skills and increase fluency by using Youtube video-stories as a resource in your lessons and language exchange sessions. 

  • Enjoy the Journey workbook bundle from Katie Kujawski, usually $55.
    • In the bundle, you'll receive 3 exclusive workbooks (Get Unstuck, My English Practice Plan, The Busy Person's Guide to Confident English). These tools will help you be more mindful of your English journey, plan your next steps, and making inserting English into your busy life less stressful.

  • GET UNSTUCK and overcome language blocks by Daniela Kraljic, usually 37 euros
    • Get unstuck - Learn how to recognize language blocks, understand why they happen and what to do to overcome them using clear actionable steps

  • 10 English rhymes in videos and text plus flashcards in PDF from Viktória Németh Hegedűs
    •  You'll get 10 popular and adorable English rhymes and songs for your little child in video format to watch and learn. You'll also get the text for each rhyme and some useful flashcards to learn the most important words. These can be the first steps to diving into the English language and getting to love it.

  • Student to User Workbook by Zuzana
    • Digital workbook describing the 3 learning stages and the steps needed to move through them. Working with this workbook will help you find your place on the learning journey and define the next steps to becoming a competent language user.

  • Gamification in Language Learning booklet from Sandra Vivian Ural
    • A booklet guide and overview about gamification which highlights how it can be differentiated for all levels. Guidance on which games are most appropriat for each level and how to implement them. In addition you will have access to the full presentation for you to download and additional materils that can be used in your classroom or study.

  • Webinar: AcquirEng a Reading Habit (And learning vocabulary through reading) by Deepika, usually $47
    • In this 30 minute webinar, Deepika will take you through the steps to develop a habit of reading for pleasure, and then teach you how you can learn vocabulary through the reading process without getting overwhelmed.
  • English Mastery Guide from Brenda Mulerov 
  • Tea & Tales: A Short Story Reading Workshop with Oriana Domínguez, usually 10 euros
    • You'll receive a pdf document with the selected story to read, some discussion questions and other activities in advance. On the day of the meeting, we'll discuss the story on a 90 minute Google Meet video call.
  • How to use everyday books and texts to prepare for the Use of English part of the C1 Advanced exam from Gery Zhekova
    • This guidance will help you transcend coursebooks by designing your own exam-like tasks for the Use of English part of the C1 Advanced exam by Cambridge. Here you will find thorough explanation of the underlying principles based on which tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the Use of English part are created. Moreover, you will get an insight how to apply these in authentic texts.

You’d pay over $700 if you bought each of these bonuses individually. 

But you can get it for just a fraction of that. 

Get the All Access Pass including $700 worth of premium bonuses from our expert speakers for just $27! 

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