Pitching to Podcasts, and other media, an online workshop for language teachers

You want more visibility for your business so you can grow your business. You want to speak on podcasts, write guest blogs, get more talks, interviews, conferences, summits and events...

You know reaching other people's audiences is vital to growing your business further...

How does that happen? 

How do you gain the recognition you deserve and get your big ideas out into the world? 

By pitching effectively to podcasts, bloggers, journalists, Youtubers, event organisers and more.

In this workshop you will learn how to pitch your ideas to podcasts, journalists, writers, bloggers, Youtubers, and presenters so they ask you to appear on their shows!

You'll find out the mistakes too many language teachers make when pitching to the media

You'll learn what podcasters, interviewers, journalists and event organisiers are looking for, and what to avoid with cold out-reach emails.

and if the term 'cold out-reach emails' just sent a shiver down your spine (pun intended!) you'll find the best way for you to do it, without feeling icky or cringy.


Pitching to Podcasts
(and other media) workshop for language teachers

I'm your host

I'm Abbie and you might know me from events such as the Learn English Together summit, or Momentum the workalong summit for language teachers. I also run Elevate - the membership and directory for English language teachers.

I'm an experienced EFL teacher with a Masters in applied linguistics, but you might not know before I was a teacher I worked in public relations for 10 years. In agency, and in-house, I pitched to all sorts of media, with all sorts of results!  I've failed and cringed so you don't have to - seriously. My biggest achievement was getting the charity I worked for on the front page of The Times - it was great news for us! 

What's included?

$29 USD

60 minute workshop, and replay, to focus on your pitch to the media - this will include:

  • Why you need to pitch right, and why you only get one chance.
  • The mistake that so many teachers make pitching
  • The lowdown on how to nail the pitch so you get invited on every interview you ask for.
  • Space to create, analyse and test your key message
  • Q&A

Workbook including journaling prompts to help you get to the heart of your pitch.

How does it work?

Click the big red button to sign up, and you'll get instant access to the workshop, and workbook. 

Use the workbook to take notes and join the discussion in the community. I'd love to answer your questions on this topic.

Time to take action

Your chance to become an authority in the language teaching world, and show the world your ideas, by nailing your podcast pitches!

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