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Hello, I'm Abbie

I'm on a mission to help teachers find the learners who need them. I've been an English language teacher for 16 years, and languages are one of my passions. Connecting people is what lights me up, so with my online events and the Elevate membership I'm aiming to get learners together with the teachers they need. And link up teachers with the trainers and coaches who will help them.

Available Products

Games with Children eBook

Teaching English as a second or foreign language to children? This ebook gives you 21 games that you can play in the classroom, or online, to get your young EFL students speaking and using English.

Find games to practice:

Phonics, and reading and writing

Chatting in English

Actions, passive and active listening

Lots of ways to use flashcards

Parents Phrase book

English to Japanese phrase book, with all the phrases you need to live in Japan with kids.



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