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Online conversation club for mothers who want to create an English speaking home and inspire their children to speak English for a better future

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You know English is important but...

  • you don’t feel confident to speak with your family,
  • you don’t have time to sit in boring lessons for hours,
  • you don’t want to study grammar anymore,
  • you aren’t interested in taking tests or exams
  • you have small kids (or big kids) who want your attention all day…

Imagine this…

  • speaking English everyday with your kids and feeling confident
  • seeing how the world opens up with friends around the world
  • chatting to other mothers and not feeling shy
  • having an English community in your own home
  • regularly speaking English and not worrying about your kids interrupting your English time!

Meet your host

I'm Abbie and I believe mothers are the most powerful people in the world!

I'm here to connect people and help them renew their forgotten English, become role models for their children and make friends around the world.

For nearly 4 years I've been running Mums' English Circle to do just that. And you can join us now!

I've been teaching English for 15 years in the UK, Japan and online.

And meet teacher Emmeline

Emmeline, originally from the Seychelles, embarked on her English teaching journey in 2017, securing her CELTA certification. Over the next two years, she earned her DELTA M2 qualification and added Neurolanguage Coaching certification to her credentials. She initially taught Conversation and Business English in various settings, including private lessons, corporate environments, and educational institutions in Germany.

The birth of her child sparked a profound shift in Emmeline's focus. As she juggled the demands of parenthood, she recognised the unique challenges faced by mothers trying to learn English. This realisation led her to develop a specialised 1-to-1 speaking programme, enabling mothers to practise English during their daily routines with their babies and toddlers. Her programme emphasises quick, weekly lessons under 10 minutes, offering ongoing support and feedback. Emmeline now dedicates her work to teaching English to mothers, thanks to the newfound purpose her baby brought to her life and career.

What is Mums’ English Circle?

We are a group of mothers from around the world

We have online meetings Tuesday – Friday, via Zoom.  Chat about topics like our children, careers, women’s issues, food, festivals and more.

You can choose to attend all four meetings a week or one, stay for 10 minutes or 60 minutes! You can chat with other mums around the world, ask them questions, and get to know each other. All the mums are very supportive so you’ll always enjoy the meetings.

What are lessons like?

We have fun and relaxed meetings, and it's all about the conversation - so there's no grammar drills or vocabulary practice. It's your chance to speak! You can stay for the whole time, or come and go as you need to. We understand if you have young children and need to help them! Meetings are 40-60 minutes long. All meetings are in Zoom so you can join from mobile or desktop computer, wherever you are in the world.

What time are lessons?

We have group lessons at these times (times in Japan and Central European time)

Mondays 0200 with Emmeline (1800 CET)

Tuesdays 1600 with Abbie (0900 CET)

Wednesdays 1030 with Abbie (03.30 CET)

Thursdays 1200 with Abbie (0500 CET)

Thursdays 0300 with Emmeline (1900 CET)

Fridays 1600 with Abbie (0900 CET)

How much is it?

It's $25 USD per month, or $75 USD for 12 weeks.

Is this right for me?

If you're a mother, and your English level is about intermediate (B1) Mums' English Circle is right for you! (that's about TOEIC 400, Cambridge Preliminary (PET), BEC Preliminary,BULATS 40-59, CLB/CELPIP 5, CAEL 50, IELTS 4, TOEFL 57, TOEFL iBT 42 or higher).

If you're a mum who used to be this level but you haven't studied for a long time, it's still okay. Once you start exercising your English muscles they will quickly get back into shape. 

If you're a mum who is ready to spend some time speaking and studying English everyday, Mums' English Circle is for you!

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I have another question!

If there's anything else you'd like to know please email me at

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