Learn English Together 2023 is here!

If you're an English learner looking for inspiration and motivation this event is for you!

LET is a 4 day event from 28 September - 1 October.

24 expert English teachers are here to present new ideas, tips for learning, feeling confident and more.

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Learn English Together 2023

Join us for the Second Learn English Together online summit for English learners

If you're learning English and want to meet new English teachers, learn new techniques, boost your confidence and make some new friends join us online from 28th September to 1st October.

24 expert English teachers will be here with presentations on learning everything from vocabulary, planning your studies, how to speak in public, how to read more English and more!

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Learn English Together 2023 All Access Pass

There's lots to see and do at Learn English Together 2023. Keep all the presentations for a year with the All Access Pass

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Plus over $700 worth of resources, workshops, books and fun and games for just $27

101 English Phrases for Modern Mothers

This is not an average phrase book. It's not a basic phrase book.

If you use some English with your kids at home, but want more natural phrases - check this free resource out!

A Google Sheet that you can customise, add your own translations and notes, and make fully your own.

With over 101 natural English phrases that you can use with your kids and family to level up your English-speaking home.

Resources hub

How to find out your English level... how to say I don't understand... how to start a conversation... how to make the most of your English lessons... and more! 

Plus some useful downloadable worksheets, and information about learning English.

Mums' English Circle

Uplifting English Conversation online for mothers worldwide

Online conversation club for mothers who want to create an English-speaking home and inspire their children to speak English for a better future

We will open again on 1st October, secure your place now!

Teacher's Guide to Global English Pronunciation

English is a global language - so why are you still teaching native-like pronunciation?

There's something fishy about the way we teach pronunciation. Take 'th' sounds for example - those notorious phonemes that just won't behave and are actually totally unnecessary to get right for intelligibility. Many 'native' speakers don't nail them every time either. Yet we seem to spend an inordinate amount of class time on them.

I put all I learnt about English pronunciation for global understanding into a very quick video course. Here you can learn the six essential elements learners need to master to be understood, and understand others around the world.

Stop wasting your class time on things your learners don’t need to master, and change to what is essential, and do-able. 

Let's teach (and learn) global pronunciation

English Pronunciation for Mothers

How to help your children with their English pronunciation without hours of English lessons

English is a skill your children need, are you ready and confident to help them? 

  • Maybe you love English and you’re pretty fluent but there are some pronunciation points you’re just not sure of.
  • Maybe your kids love English but they’re worried they speak ‘broken’ English

Your Questions about English Learning

You've got questions about how to learn English 

here are my answers! 

You can listen any time.

Games with Children eBook

Teaching English as a second or foreign language to children? This ebook gives you 21 games that you can play in the classroom, or online, to get your young EFL students speaking and using English.

Find games to practice:

Phonics, and reading and writing

Chatting in English

Actions, passive and active listening

Lots of ways to use flashcards

Parents Phrase book

English to Japanese phrase book, with all the phrases you need to live in Japan with kids.



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