Teacher's Guide to Global English Pronunciation

English is a global language - so why are you still teaching native-like pronunciation?

There's something fishy about the way we teach pronunciation. Take 'th' sounds for example - those notorious phonemes that just won't behave and are actually totally unnecessary to get right for intelligibility. Many 'native' speakers don't nail them every time either. Yet we seem to spend an inordinate amount of class time on them.

I have put all I learnt about English pronunciation for global understanding into a very quick video course. Here you can learn the six essential elements learners need to master to be understood, and understand others around the world.

Stop wasting your class time on things your learners don’t need to master, and change to what is essential, and do-able. 

Let's teach (and learn) global pronunciation

In this workshop you’ll learn the six essential elements of global pronunciation. 

  • You’ll find some examples for exercises to teach your learners about each element.
  • A workbook
  • Downloadable slides to use in class.
  • Some games to play in class to reinforce what you’ve learnt and enjoy it

Who is this NOT for?

  • If you have studied phonology and phonetics in depth
  • You know the Lingua Franca Core inside out.
  • You’re familiar with the elements of LFC
  • You’re not willing to change your pronunciation curriculum to a more global standard.

Who is this for?

  • You if you are an English language teacher who wants to learn the basic elements of global English pronunciation
  • you want to be able to assess your pronunciation curriculum
  • you want to spend more time on what matters for global intelligibility
  • and spend less time on the things learners don't need to master
  • If you are committed to making ELT a more equitable place
  • and you if you want games and ideas to teach the six essential elements of global English pronunciation

Who I am anyway?

I'm Abbie and I've been teaching English since 2007, I've got a CELTA and a Master's in Applied Linguistics and TEFL. I've put together all this knowledge and done tons of research too to bring you this essential guide to Global English Pronunciation.

What teachers say

"Great course! It has really given me a helpful insight about what's important when teaching pronunciation!" Teacher M.

What learners said about the learner's version of the course

"I knew that it’s not very important to sound like a native English speaker but now I've got which sounds I have to be careful about to be understood more.
And I listen a lot and my pronunciation has changed a lot. Not only pronunciation but also word choices and sentence stress are also influenced by who I listen to." E, Japan

How will this change your life?

  • You'll learn about the important parts of English pronunciation and how to prioritize your curriculum
  • You'll learn that not all sounds in English are equal - some aren't that important at all
  • You'll know exactly how to help your learners with their pronunciation
  • You'll be the fun English teacher with loads of games ready to go!

Imagine your English pronunciation curriculum sorted, with 6 essential elements, and knowing you are doing the best thing for your learners

5 Modules

Games to practice pronunciation

Games to play with kids, teens and adults to practice pronunciation

Learning other accents

Learn about how L1 might influence your learners English pronunciation. Or watch videos of people with these accents to aid your, and your learner's, understanding.

Give me your feedback, please!

I'd love to know what you think, plus info for further studies

Modules for this product 5
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