English Pronunciation for Mothers

How to help your children with their English pronunciation without hours of English lessons

Level: intermediate and above. Not just for mothers!

English is an essential skill your children need, are you ready and confident to help them? 

Maybe you love English and you’re pretty fluent but there are some pronunciation points you’re just not sure of.

Maybe your kids love English but they’re worried they speak ‘broken’ English

You worry you, and your kids, don’t speak English clearly.

The real problem is you’re trying to copy native speaker models and you’re messing up those ‘th’ sounds and you still feel bad about it.

Pronunciation is so important because it's the first thing people notice about your speaking. How do you get it right?

English Pronunciation for Mothers is here to help you

750 million people are using English as non-native speakers. You are not alone. Your kids have to keep up with the global demand for English. 

No matter what your accent, or your mother tongue, you can learn the pronunciations that really matter in English communication in today’s world. 96% of English conversations are happening with non-native speakers. You can be part of it, and your kids can speak clear English this week.

This is not a course to speak 'like a native,' because native speakers are the minority! This is a course to help you and your children communicate in today's world. Stop learning dialects, stop trying to copy native speakers, and stop pretending you're something you are not.

Be yourself, use your English, speak clearly and feel proud of it

My name is Abbie, and I've been teaching English for over 14 years. 10 of those years was trying to force English-learners to be something they're not, to do away with their natural accents and make them sound British. No more! These days I know we have to cherish our own identities and embrace our own cultures, accents and even our mistakes. Your English is beautiful. Your kid's English can be wonderful. 

How will this change your life?

  • You'll learn about the important parts of English pronunciation and get them right
  • You'll learn that not all sounds in English are equal - some aren't that important at all.
  • You'll know exactly how to help your children with their pronunciation
  • You'll be the fun English-speaking mum, with loads of games ready to go!

"I knew that it’s not very important to sound like a native English speaker but now I've got which sounds I have to be careful about to be understood more.
And I listen a lot and my pronunciation has changed a lot. Not only pronunciation but also word choices and sentence stress are also influenced by who I listen to." E, Japan

In this video course

  • Each lesson is no more than 5 minutes long, so you can quickly watch and re-watch as you need.
  • There's also a workbook to make notes and refer to again and again.
  • I'll show you some games to play at home with your kids to strengthen their confidence.
  • By the end of the course, you'll have more confidence in your own accent and more fun ideas to play with your children

Imagine... your children speaking English, clearly with confidence. Knowing you've helped them do that.

11 Modules

Your native language

Find the most important lessons for you in this course, according to your native language. Or watch videos of people with these accents to aid your understanding.

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