Blog Why you have to celebrate after your English lesson

Why you have to celebrate after your English lesson


What makes you want to keep learning English?

What makes you enjoy learning English?

Scientifically speaking it's dopamine. That's the hormone that makes you happy. Dopamine does a lot of jobs in your body, and making you happy is just one result.

When you do something rewarding or pleasurable dopamine is released. Dopamine makes you feel good and you want more. So you do more of the pleasurable thing.

Usually, people talk about eating delicious food, taking drugs or having sex as the pleasurable activities. But what about study? Not the same as food, drugs or sex, I know! 

But can study cause a dopamine release?

Here's the trick to cause a dopamine release and therefore feel happy  about studying - you have to celebrate! So every time - after you finish studying, after you finish a lesson, celebrate! No, I don't mean crack open a bottle of champagne or feast on chocolate cake. A quick 'well done me' is enough. Feel good about what you achieved. Say it aloud! Yay me! Smile.

Your brain will come associate this feeling of happiness with study. You get a reward (a dopamine hit) after study. And over time you'll want to it more. 

Try it this week!


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